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Subject: My Father, Uncle and I Part 1: The Start of a Continuing RelationshipMost events in this story are fictional, but there are some that are
non-fiction. You decide which is what. Enjoy reading.Hi I nude young lolitas y am Daniel, and I am currently 21 years of age.This is a story about a
pure sex relationship between my Uncle, Father, and I.I first noticed that I had the urge for sex when I was 12. I used to watch
Poison Ivy and the sexual energy from the movie pushed me over the edge to
jerk off (And the male actor being so breath taking). I found myself watching
the movie almost everyday since I recorded it. But I would lock myself in my
parents room and watch it because it was the only discreet room. My parents
was connected to the bathroom, and the bathroom was closest to the door
leading out from the room. In the middle of me jerking off people would knock
the door and ask what I was doing. I usually gave the I'm taking a shower
lie.But I noticed that I was more turned on by the guys then the girls. I think
this started because when I was about 9 my friend Matt dared me to french
kiss him while we were taking a swim in the pool. So I accepted the dare not
wanting to be a chicken. So I leaned in and gave him a french kiss. I first
french kissed someone when I was 7, thanks to my brother and his date which
happened to be my date's sister. Which not soon after I wanted to kiss a lot
boys and men.Back to 12 pre lolitas top models
now.So one day I try and go watch Poison Ivy and I notice the movie is missing.
I was so scared if someone saw it because I shot a bit of cum and missed that
spot when I cleaned it because I was rushing and it ended up drying and
almost impossible to get off. I did get the clump of it off though but a thin
layer stopped me from making it crystal clean. At this point I just left and
myself I must have put it somewhere else. So I go on searching everywhere in
my house and I usually find whatever I am looking for, but this I could not
find. So I give up and go to dinner, then went to sleep.I woke up the next morning at 7am. It was a Sunday morning so I had off of
school. Both my parents, brother and sister are outside because it was a sunny
warm morning. So I decide to go back to my parents room and search for the
tape. This time I got lucky and found it, but it was under the bed in my
parents room. As soon as I found my tape I hear my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins
walk in
the house and out to the back. I figure everyone would be out there for a
bit, long enough for me to get a quick whack that I was desperately needing.I was at the time 4'7", 110 lbs, thick black hair, brown eyes, with a dark
tan still lingering from the summer 3 weeks ago, and I have a very small
amount of pubic hair or even body hair for that matter, a tight ball sack,
with a
4"c cock . So I put in the tape, unzip and unbutton my pants and video girls lolita nymph drop them
and nude young lolitas y my boxers to the floor. My parents door left wide open to hear better if
anyone were to come in the house. I turn down the volume a bit on the TV
pressing play on the VCR. But something was wrong when the tape started
playing. The tape started at a scene 10 minutes before the sex scene. What
happened? The tape was fully rewound, and the movie started at the beginning
when I
first recorded it. I was soon to find out.....The tape played for about 15-20 minutes about 5-10 minutes of watching the
sex scene, the tape cuts and goes black. I start complaining saying what's
going on? The tape is messed up badly. So I get up to hit Stop and Eject but
right before I press the button a guy comes up on the TV and stands there for
couple minutes. A guy with a good chest, black and hairy, nice big nipples and
a bit of a stomach. As you can tell I know about guys, I studied them a lot
along with watching porn's that I would find out of my parents porn stash. So
I continue watching this guy and he is playing with www loli girl net
his nipples. He starts
to slowly back up and I can see more of his body, but he turns his body so
his face isn't towards the camera. Slowly starts walking away and I notice the
guy is naked, but I also notice the back round. I start pondering where I
recognize it from, then it hits me. IT WAS MY PARENTS BEDROOM! But who is the
masked man? My parent's were really close with a lot of people and I suspected
some bedroom fun with neighbors and my parents. But to my surprise.....The masked man turned around and looked straight into the camera saying
"Enjoy the show". That's when I noticed the movie was directed to someone, but
who? Then I noticed, it wasn't a neighbor, but it was my FATHER! My father is
5'8", 200 lbs, piercing brown eyes, full black head of hair combed over and
he was about 42 years old, with hair all over his body covering his back and
chest fully. Muscular arms and legs covered with moderate hair all over them
with of course a bit of a stomach from eating and drinking a lot. He is full
blooded Italian so food is a big thing to him haha.My father whose name is Mario, starts walking slowly to the bed as he starts
walking over I notice he was rubbing his inch long nipples and touching his
ass, he kept his cock hidden up until this point. As hot preteen lolita model he gets to the bed he
turns around and reveals his nice 7x5" slightly uncut cock with 2 big
testicles.He started saying "You like it baby, do you like looking at my big cock."
Then slowly lifted his meat higher from his body and grabbed his balls with his
other hand giving a gentle squeeze. At this point I was highly turned on and
was rock hard slowly pumping my penis.Then my father said "I am going to start jerking off for you now baby", then
pulls out a towel soaked with water and with baby powder. Puts some baby
powder on his cock and balls then gets the towel and stretches out some of the
water on top of his cock and balls. After he was done he slowly put the towel
down and grabbed hold of his cock and balls and started to jerk off slowly
then increasing speed after each stroke, giving a little groan and grunt."Ungh yeah that feels amazing, feels like a wet mouth sliding on and off of
my cock". "Hope you are enjoying this as much as I am." Then quickens the pace
even faster. After about 10 minutes of jerking off he gets the soap he had
and wets his cock a lot to the point where water was dripping constantly and
the soap turned into suds. He starts to slowly jerk himself off now because
it was so slippery and the rhythm of the jerking made him shudder in ecstasy.Moaning louder then before screaming "Suck my Cock, make me feel good, I
wish you were doing this instead of myself". I was really into the video at
time and started to furiously jerk myself off. Then it happened....My Uncle came in the house, I didn't hear him come in because they never
closed the sliding door when exiting, and I couldn't hear them outside from
inside. Then I heard a slight knock at the door because I couldn't take my mind
off the TV. I jump up and look over to see my Uncle standing in the door way
smiling. He is a 6'3" Built Masculine guy who played baseball, and was hairier
then any guy I had ever seen. Black Hair with a tint of white hair curly and
messy, nice goatee and mustache, and a nice ass from what I could see when
he was in his swimming trunks.I tried and hurried to put away my penis but it was being difficult going
down my pants from the rock hard erection I had. I noticed my Uncle starting to
walk over towards me, then he sits down on the bed beside me and asked "What
is this you are watching Daniel?"Then he turns towards the TV and sees my father jerking off. He says "Well
your father can put on quite a show" and asks "Mind if I take out my penis too
and jerk off with you? I agree and he slowly takes off his windbreakers and
t-shirt. At this point I was watching my father jerk off and was drying
himself off, and watching my uncle play with his 6x5" naked underage loli preteen cut cock flaccid, and
balls that were up high but low enough to fit perfectly with his cock. His
growing at rapid speeds, and soon was fully erect at 10.5x7".He was a true sight to see, the biggest I had ever seen. I was still staring
at his cock while he was stroking it and he noticed and said "I got a big
penis don't I Daniel?" Me of course responding "Hell yeah". "Maybe one day you
will have this big of a penis but I think a couple inches off". Then he
turned his head and started watching the homemade video.As we proceeded to jerk off together I was getting closer to my climax and
he noticed it. He told me to look at him nn lolita model sites while I cummed. As soon as he said
that my father was cumming in the video shooting about 2 feet away from his
body, nice thick white ropes of his seed flying onto a towel. As I saw this it
put me over the edge so I turned and looked at my Uncle who was vigorously
jerking off now and cummed 2 globs of cum and was spent.Right after I finished my Uncle started grunting and moaning saying he was
about to cum. Then Screaming "OH FUCK DANIEL GET READY TO SEE SOME CUM WORKS!"
Then it happened, rope after huge rope of white cum came shooting out of his
cock and hitting the TV where my father was. My Uncle whose name was Charlie
was moaning aloud like crazy and saying "fuck yeah hit Mario in the face",
"shoot all over the place Charlie, you can do it man, fucking get it all out
your balls". Then it stopped and he shuddered with pleasure from rubbing his
cock with his cum.After he was done he got some paper towels for me and him and wiped himself
off while I wiped myself off. He thanked me for the fun time but told me "you
can not tell anyone about what we just did Daniel", I happily obliged and
never told a soul. Right after we were done, my father came back from
from a hefty load and said "can't wait till you get this in your mouth and
take pre lolitas top models
this big load down your throat".My Uncle left the room and I was dressed so I rewound the tape and put it
back where I found it so my father wouldn't think that someone watched what he
did. It was there for 3 years then it disappeared. I only jerked off with my
Uncle that one time. But ever since then I looked at my father and uncle in a
new light.To Be Continued....Next Part Uncle and I have some alone fun.
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